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I've got a root rake type grapple and a demolition grapple. They both have pro's & con's. Whatever you choose make sure that it has independant grapples on each side so that it will grip an uneven load. Also make sure that the grapple tines are made of heavy enough material. In my opinion anything less than 3/4" material is too light. Even root rakes on dozers cant't really collect this small stuff without also collecting lots of dirt. The rakes and grapples are much better at the larger material, this larger material can be piled in burnable piles. So your debate is between the clamshell style grapple and the flat bottom style. Economy Root Grapple. American Attachments economy root grapple is the ideal attachment for your skid steer needs. Whether collecting and removing debris piles, storm clean up, or clearing land this root grapple will do the job. Extreme Root Rake #4 HD Root Grapple #5 John Deere Root Grapple #6 Extreme HD Root Grapple #10 Bucket Grapple #11 Extreme Rock Grapple #12 66" Rock Grapple w/ 48 ...

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Our Skid Steer Root Grapples are top quality in the attachment industry. Made in the USA with some of the best warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Skid Steer Root Grapples are top quality in the attachment industry. Made in the USA with some of the best warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Jan 12, 2018 · The 55″ Wicked Root Rake Grapple is absolutely the best grapple available for small compact and subcompact tractors. It takes lightweight grapple construction to the next level and maintains strength at the same time. These are direct quotes only referring to our Wicked Grapple Rake.

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Super Duty Root Grapple Our heaviest grapple is made for construction jobs, logging, and severe applications. It’s made with ⅝” steel on top and ½” steel on bottom. Root Grapple Attachments for Tractors and Skid Steer Loaders The Prowler Root Grapple line is an absolute necessity on many job sites and in many work environments. Open bottom framing allows the grapple to handle large trees, stumps, building material, rocks and more, while the small debris falls to the ground. It has a width of 60” with an opening height of 50”. The thickness of the side of the grapple rake is 0.5". The teeth of the grapple rake measure at 35.5" in length and also have a thickness of 0.5". When you order this grapple rake, you will need to provide your phone number so the trucking and shipping company can schedule delivery. 84" Root Grapple Rock Rake Skid Steer Clamshell Attachment loader V2. $2,098.99 72" Grapple Rake & 42" Pallet Fork Attachment. $2,450.99 Out of Stock. 72" Root ... Tractor Root Rake Grapple. Root Rake Grapples don't have a slatted floor, like the root grapple, but Scarifier Shanks or tines, that are heavy, and are more for ground engagement, good for breaking roots up to a reasonable size, cleaning ground, broken or just at the surface, and gathering roots, limbs and debris which is held against the ...

We manufacture Root Rake & Root Grapple Rake tractor attachmentsfor tractors and skid steers of all types and sizes.Remember, we also make custom hydraulic hosesand custom made quick attachments.Root Rake, Root Rake Grapple,Grapple Rake, Brush Rake,Stacking Rake, Tree Rake, Tractor Rake,or any other tractor attachmentor tractor implement for you tractor or skid steer; just call us, and we will ...

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The SGC1060 & SGC1072 Claw Grapples make quick work of large jobs, and can be used to rake, dig, and move rocks, trees, brush, and construction debris without picking up dirt. The compact design minimizes weight while preserving lift capacity. Grapple Rake Attachment. Our Grapple Rake Attachment are one of the best attachments for raking up all kinds of material and debris. The grapple rake attachment is great to use on land clearing jobs and construction job sites. These grapples can be used to load the debris into a dump truck or trailer.